Our Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth

Our Open Air Photo Booth is quite literally a photo booth outside-the-box. It has no doors, no walls, and no curtains! Our camera can capture up to twelve people in a single photograph making this type of photo booth a great option for corporate, formal or other major events like school reunions, as you won’t need to worry about having to cram people up into a tight space. Choose from any of our available backdrops to still give your pictures that fun and vibrant photo booth vibe, but without the claustrophobia!.

Inflatable Photo Booth

Our newest photo booth setup.

Party Photo Booth

Our Party Photo Booth is a hybrid of the Classic and Open Air photo booths. It is spacious enough to accommodate big batches, but with the necessary covers and enclosures to ensure privacy during your pictorials. You get the best of both worlds in this ultimate photo booth heaven! Depending on the package that you choose, we’ll set up at your venue, a photo booth that can fit a maximum of ten to fifteen persons. It’s certainly an exciting addition to break the monotony of any party as this photo booth is guaranteed to be one of your party’s main attractions, keeping your guests busy and entertained. Best of all, you all get to take home photo souvenirs of that epic celebration to remember!

Classic Photo Booth

Our Classic Photo Booth is very much like the ones you would usually find at arcades, amusement parks, art galleries, restaurants, and even in bars, but with a Big Hugs touch. It is more spacious with enough moving room, but at the same time enclosed for privacy, so you and your guests can get comfortable and strike your most outrageous pose without getting shy or self-conscious. It also comes with a cushioned seat for a more relaxed experience and elegant feel. Our Classic Photo Booth can fit a maximum of five people at a time making it the perfect photo booth of choice for more intimate occasions and gatherings with family and friends.

Greenscreen Photo Booth

Dreaming of having your pictures taken at some of the most exotic destinations and famous landmarks around the world? Dream no more! Now you can do all of this and more, without ever leaving Chicago. Big Hugs Photo Booth’s revolutionary portable green screen technology uses the same green screen magic as Hollywood, giving you realistic images set in any location of your choice. We give you the same high-quality prints as our competitors do, but with topnotch service and more image options—all for a more competitive price. With our unique digital photography and printing technology, we can customize and optimize your photos beyond your wildest imaginations. This is as close as you can get to that magic carpet ride. Let Big Hugs Photo Booth make your photo dreams come true today!